Phew! It took us a little while, but we are happy to share with you the final GiveBIG numbers, top 50 nonprofits by number of donations and amount raised, and amount raised by giving area. In all, GiveBIG raised $12.88 million for 1,471 organizations–with a whopping 64,269 gifts made by 33,670 people! You can see all of the final results on our website.

Also, we wanted to share some answers to recent questions and issues pertaining to your Click & Pledge accounts:

The stretch percentage: Donations of up to $5,000 per donor, per organization are eligible for stretch dollars. This year’s stretch percentage is 8.3 percent. To clarify: this $5,000 cap applies to individual donations. It does NOT mean that we will only stretch the first $5,000 that your organization received on GiveBIG day!

Stretch pool checks: You should receive your checks early to mid-June. Around the same time, we will email an online survey to participating nonprofits, inviting you to give us feedback on GiveBIG 2014. We encourage you to share your candid opinions on the event through this anonymous survey, to help us in planning for future GiveBIG events.

Backing out transactions: Donors may have inadvertently given to an organization other than the one they intended, or may have mistakenly given more than they intended. Using the Click & Pledge portal, you can easily credit a transaction using the Virtual Terminal function; however, it is best to credit a transaction the day it happens to avoid a charge-back fee. After the day of the transaction, an alternative would be to issue a refund check to the donor. It is not possible to adjust a gift amount or reassign the donation to another organization using the Click & Pledge system.

Post-GiveBIG unusual activity: In the last few days, we’ve heard from 3 of the 1,600 organizations with profiles on our website of unusual charges (unusual amounts, unknown donors, countries outside the U.S.) going through their Click & Pledge donation pages. These charges are an annoyance and are likely the result of what is called carding–where credit card thieves test the validity of stolen credit cards. Nonprofit organizations are targeted because we often have the most easy-to-use checkout pages on the web, and this type of activity is, unfortunately, common. This has nothing to do with Click & Pledge’s website security, which is of the highest level–and donor information is not at risk. TransFirst Bank and Click & Pledge have standard procedures in place for these situations and are addressing the issue in their systems. These appear to be isolated events, but if you have noticed any unusual transactions, please contact


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